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Continuing Education . Pre-College . Classes . Sculpture + 3D Design 

Sculpture + 3D Design

When one material is not enough for your ideas, explore sculpture and expanded media. 

Session 2: July 21–August 2, 2024

Create sculptural objects while exploring multiple materials in a contemporary visual arts environment. Push the boundaries of your work in every direction and learn how to produce meaning through the transformation of material.

In this course, you will focus on the ever growing and shifting relationship of objects: the way that an object can communicate visually with another, the space they exist in, and how they relate to us. Learn how to develop your ideas into 3-dimensional form with hands-on exploration of scale, material, technique and display. This introductory course will cover a variety of traditional and nontraditional sculptural processes and materials, including additive and reductive carving, foam and plaster modeling, wire armature construction, felt making, pattern making, hand sewing and surface treatment.

You will leave this course with complex sculptural work for your portfolio and the ability to read the objects that surround you in a thoughtful and conceptual way.


The first week of this course will introduce students to the many types of sculpture, specifically soft sculpture. Students will learn various fabrication methods such as pattern-making, armature construction, felt-making, and joining techniques. Students will work with felt for their final project, creating a unique pattern and thinking critically about installation and environment.

The second week will allow time for construction, planning and group discussion of final proposals.

Projects and topics that will be explored include contemporary sculpture, producing meaning through transformation of material, the relationship of object to environment, creating a mind map, mold and pattern making, armature construction, wet felting process, dyeing fabric, and professional installation and set-up.


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