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Develop a unique base of knowledge of various print processes designed to push your concepts to the next level.

Session 1: July 7–19, 2024

This intensive studio course will allow you to take your drawn, painted, digital or photographic based images and transform them into original work through printmaking processes. Printmaking provides a balanced experience of technical skill building and conceptual development, with some risks and adventure as you learn the advantages of print as a medium in this broad artistic field.
Hard work, passion, adventure, play, discovery, and innovation will all be pursued in two weeks. As you engage in the production of a body of work, you will learn a variety of processes, such as relief printing, screenprinting, papermaking, and alternative photographic processes. The combination of these materials and techniques will produce exciting and innovative images unique to each student’s artistic vision and voice. Working in CIA's fully equipped studio, work will consist of the practical exploration of the relationship between formal, technical, aesthetic, and stylistic issues relative to the personal and thematic subjects of your choosing. 
This course is excellent for students interested in illustration, drawing, or painting, and ideal for students looking to learn the limitless possibilities of printmaking to add additional breadth to their portfolio.


Through a variety of projects in this course, you will explore a range of techniques to add to your repertoire and enhance your studio practice. Students should bring image-based work (drawings, illustrations, paintings, photography) to start from. We’ll take these initial works and explore hybrid approaches that incorporate the use of new media and processes by investigating surface, mark, and materiality from both a technical and conceptual point of view.


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