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In Painting, you will begin creating work through the exploration of color theory and application of materials.

Session 1: July 7–19, 2024
Session 2: July 21–August 2, 2024

Students will begin their painting exploration through practicing building up the surface of a painting while experimenting with layering and composition. As confidence in the use of materials grows, students will draw inspiration from their sketchbooks and the work of professional artists to begin crafting their own unique vision.

You will be introduced to a variety of fundamental techniques, and exposed to the dialogue and professional artists who are shaping contemporary painting. Combining materials and imagery, you will investigate how to express your feelings, beliefs, and voice to convey a strong message in your art. We will discuss successes and challenges as a group to build confidence and create a sense of community. Our class will culminate with an exhibition of our work that stems directly from student experience and interests.



In the first week of this course, students will begin their investigations with traditional color theory concepts and painting techniques. After learning to uncover the basics of ‘building’ a painting, students will begin to develop a small body of work that represents their own artistic identity, voice and style.

During the second week, students will dig deeper into advanced color theory, discussing subject matter and learning how to communicate more abstract themes and narratives.

Projects and topics that will be explored include basic color theory, understanding elements of design and composition, developing observational techniques through still-life, portrait, and landscape, utilizing digital photography as a resource and inspiration for painting, and learning to discuss work critically through group critique.


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