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Product Design: Concept to Creation

Experience the design process to bring your wildest ideas to life, taking your concept from your head into your hands through building a physical model.

Session 2: July 21–August 2, 2024

This course teaches and utilizes design thinking to take an idea off the page and turn it into a real physical model, including concept vehicles (automobiles, sci-fi, fantasy) and equipment (products, tools, gear) for fictional characters of your creation: an explorer on a distant world, a warrior from a different time, or an adventurer in uncharted territory. 

For students focused in industrial design, animation or game design, 3D modeling is essential in developing and translating ideas for industry applications. You'll be introduced to 3D digital modeling, which employs a surface modeling approach using Shapr3D software to create projects. Through creative storytelling, you’ll develop the skills needed for realistic applications: concept development, drafting, presenting, and bringing your 2D ideas to 3-dimensional life.

Course content will provide a foundation in 3D modeling and 3D printing, while challenging your understanding of function with awareness of form, color, texture, line, and ergonomics. The course will conclude with your personal project presentation, complete with concept sketches and renderings of the final design.



The first week of this course will focus on the tools and equipment an industrial designer uses. Students will brainstorm and research their target user group, and find inspiration for the type of product or design they want to create.

During week two, students will have a completed concept board and creation of a mock-up of their design using modeling software.

Projects and topics that will be explored include concept sketching, the study of ergonomics and manufacturing processes, 3D model building, 3D printing, pitching your design, and professional display of a finished concept.

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