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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Code of Conduct 

CECO Code of Conduct

In order to provide students, visitors and staff with an appropriate program environment, Cleveland Institute of Art’s (CIA) Continuing Education Department (CE) has adopted the following Code of Conduct:

The College holds its students responsible for their actions, conduct and any resulting consequences. CE will not tolerate any conduct or behavior that is disruptive of its educational or other programs. Students shall not engage in any conduct or behavior that:

  • threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person on College-owned or College-controlled property;
  • is self-destructive or threatening to the safety of the individual or other members of the College community;
  • obstructs or disrupts teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures or other activities, including its public service events or other authorized activities of the College; or
  • is disrespectful of difference either socially, ethnically, or with respect to race or sexual preference.

CE has the sole right to determine whether conduct or behavior is in violation of its Code of Conduct.

Some examples of unacceptable behavior are, without limitation:

  • violation of any College, state or federal drug or alcohol laws or policies, or improper actions resulting from the use of alcoholic beverages or drugs;
  • sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, verbal abuse, physical violence or threat of physical violence;
  • disruptive behavior in class which undermines the instructor’s authority, or which interferes with other students’ ability to participate effectively;
  • theft of, damage to, or unauthorized use of College property, or the property of a member of the CIA community or campus visitor;
  • possession of any firearms, weapons, fireworks, explosives or ammunition, or abuse of flammable substances, on College property;
  • failure to comply with directions of CIA officials acting in performance of their duties.

Violation of the above may result in sanctions, including suspension or expulsion from CE classes and/or CIA premises; forfeiture of tuition, fees, etc.; financial responsibility for any damage caused; and, in the case of a minor, parental notification and/or being sent home at the parent’s expense.

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