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Blog . Summer Internship at Root Inc.


Summer Internship at Root Inc.

08/17/15  |  Posted by CIA Student  |  Posted in Career Center

Josiah Herman


Internship location:
Root Inc., Sylvania, Ohio

How you found out about the internship:
There was a posting on the College Central website and Rachel Browner from the CIA Career Center sent an email letting me know about this internship.

What you’re doing:
I’m helping the concept and illustration teams with anything they need done throughout the production process. This means some days I’ll work on the first part of the process through traditional sketching or ideation, and other days I’ll work in Photoshop and help with the final digital painting. The main products that Root produces are posters called learning maps. These are essentially large-scale illustrations with type that visually communicate things that a company may want to explain to their employees or customers. The company also makes board games, videos, and websites to go along with these maps.

What you’re learning:
One of the things I’ve learned more about was working with business clients who have a different mindset than an artist might, and how to merge those two ways of thinking. Another aspect of the work process that is different than most school or freelance projects is how many artists collaborate together on the same piece. One artist might work on the rough sketch, a different one would do the final drawing, then hand it off to someone to do the painting, a fourth person might do the final edits and then more details are added after we get feedback from the client.

What has surprised you so far:
Probably the thing that was most interesting to find out was how many people are involved in creating a single product. You not only need artists and designers but employees in marketing, consulting, and even travel agents, so that people can fly to meet with clients or present at conferences.

How CIA prepared you to get the most out of your internship:
I think the way they prepared me was by assigning a wide variety of projects and showing how to be open to opportunities and jobs that you might not think about at first but still relate to your major and help you grow as an artist.

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