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Thaddeus Wolfe

Title Studio Artist & Lighting Designer
Major Craft + Design

Glass artist Thaddeus Wolfe employs a non-traditional approach to classical glass techniques and processes to create an exciting body of work that offers a unique and captivating new direction for the material.

Many of Wolfe's pieces are created using a molding process; each single mold can only be used once. Wolfe layers color in his glass, then carves through the layers to reveal the stratum and interior color.

His primary body of work -- the Assemblage series -- began as an exploration of mineral forms found in nature, and evolved into its own language with references to architecture and modern art. His signature glass techniques result in a rough texture and a form reminiscent of Brutalist architecture, in particular.

His work is informed by the history of art and design, but draws most of its inspiration and direction from the richly crafted works of skilled artisans working with absolute dedication to their material to create decorative functional objects.

Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, Wolfe studied glass at the Cleveland Institute of Art, graduating with a BFA in 2002. Wolfe has held artist residencies at Pilchuck Glass School (Seattle, WA), Wheaton's Creative Glass Center of America (Millville, NJ) and the Museum of Glass (Tacoma, WA). He has also worked as an apprentice and assistant to leading glass blowers, including Jeff Zimmerman and Josiah McElheny. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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