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Admissions . Apply . Transfer from Tri-C 

Tri-C Students: Transfer Your Creativity

Transfer your Creativity

Through this new partnership, Tri-C students who complete a specified curriculum and are admitted to CIA will transfer with 30 semester units of transferable credit. Students would enter CIA as sophomores and directly begin their degree program in one of CIA’s 13 majors in visual arts, craft, integrated media, and design.

Course Options

Below are the Tri-C courses that will qualify for transfer toward each CIA course. Classes highlighted in lavender are CIA classes. Classes highlighted in white/grey are Tri-C classes. 

 FNDN 1102D Design3
  ART-1081 2D Design and Color 3
or VC-1000 Visual Communication Foundation 3
 FNDN 1113D Design3
  ART-1070 3D Foundations 3
 FNDN 120Digital I3
  VCPH-1450 Digital Imaging I 3
 FNDN 121Digital II3
  VCIM-2371 Interactive Media II 3
or VCPH-2450 Digital Imaging II 3
or VCIL-1640 3D Design 3
or VCIL-2040 3D Motion 3
 FNDN 130Observational Drawing3
  ART-1050 Drawing I 3
or ART-1060 Drawing II 3
 FNDN 131Life Drawing3
  ART-2000 Life Drawing I 3
or ART-2010 Life Drawing II 3
 FNDN 140Studio Discovery3
  ART-1100 Sculpture I 3
or ART-1700 Ceramics I 3
or ART-2050 Painting I 3
or ART-2070 Watercolor I 3
or ART-2152 2D Animation 3
or ART-2210 Printmaking I 3
or VCIM-1200 Game Design I: Introduction 3
or VCPH-1261 Photography I 3
or VCIL-1142 Illustration I 3
or VCGD-1500 Advertising and Design 3
or VCGD-1431 Vector Graphics 3
 LLC 101Writing + Inquiry I3
  ENG-1010 College Composition I 3
or ENG-101H Honors College Composition 3
 LLC 102Writing + Inquiry II3
  ENG-1020 College Composition II 3
or ENG-102H Honors College Composition II 3
 ACD 250Themes and Movements in Art + Design3
  ART-2020 Art History: Prehistoric to Renaiss 3
or ART-2030 Art History: Renaiss to Present 3

For more information:

Karen Wellman
Assistant Director, Admissions
216.421.7422 | Contact

Why CIA?

Our unparalleled combination of access to world-class faculty, rigorous curriculum, cultural assets and connections to real-world experience offers a select, diverse student body an education that can’t be matched in the United States.

The Cleveland Institute of Art attracts students like you who are serious about becoming professional artists and designers and who seek a college that is both intellectually stimulating and artistically challenging. Located in Cleveland’s University Circle— voted the Best Arts District in the United States— we offer an exceptional college experience, combining the focus of a small college experience with the excitement of an urban cultural campus.


Cleveland Institute of Art also requires a zero-credit Design Safety Lab which introduces students to basic machinery use and will be taken upon enrollment at CIA.

Course descriptions for each of the Cleveland Institute of Art (CIA) classes referenced at right may be found at: