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The key to unlocking your creative future is just within reach — come and find it

At the Cleveland Institute of Art we are dedicated to teaching art and design students in an environment built exclusively for creative thinkers. Learn more about our amazing faculty of practicing artists and designers, small class sizes, and 13 majors in fine art, design, craft, and entertainment arts.

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Bianca Fields ’19 reflects on CIA, SIE

Feature Story

Bianca Fields ’19 reflects on CIA, SIE


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Financing Your Education

Financing your education.

We are ready to clarify tricky topics, answer questions, discuss any concerns regarding your ability to afford CIA, or consider special financial situations.

Meet Your Professors

James Peake jamespeake2.jpgjamespeake1.jpg

James Peake

James Peake is an avid origami enthusiast, specializing in art, education, and exhibition curating. After grad...more

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