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Illustration Courses

Picture Book Illustration

Course No. ILL 220-320-420  Credits: 3.0

This course will explore the creation of a picture book through historical context, the evolution of children’s book illustration, and the methodology of creating art for a picture book. Picture books continue to expand in modern markets through digital applications as well as book art, a sculptural narrative object. Students will gain knowledge of the publishing industry and the process of submitting a body of work. Students will be expected to create a personal illustrative narrative by means of gathering reference and creating consistent and well developed characters that exist in a story. This course is strongly recommended for elective students interested in picture books and visual narratives. Open to all sophomores, juniors, and seniors. 3 credits.

Layout Rendering Techniques

Course No. ILL 260  Credits: 3.0

This course is concerned with introducing students to techniques and materials used by professional illustrators. The emphasis will be on developing critical observation skills along with enhancing technical and rendering abilities to a professional level. Also, purpose and application of techniques for layout presentation, as well as refining finished art for reproduction. Emphasis will be on drawing, painting and other tactile techniques, as well as digital rendering techniques for the preparation of finished art for the final application of artwork created. 3 credits.

Fundamentals of Illustration

Course No. ILL 263  Credits: 3.0

To prepare illustration students to become working professionals by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance through the courses provided at the Institute to develop a professional level of performance for future employment. The department of Illustration emphasizes the understanding of contemporary themes and concepts as a basis for nurturing the student’s ability to translate this acquired thematic vocabulary into inventive visual solutions. The main objective is to motivate the student’s visual awareness to a professional level. For them to be aware that illustration is an applied art, a business, to satisfy the client needs, and should be executed in a professional business manner by experiencing classroom assignments prepared in a job like situation. 3 credits.

Principles of Illustration

Course No. ILL 264  Credits: 3.0

This course assures the student the opportunity to develop a saleable skill, perform in a professional manner and demonstrate good attitude and work habits that meet client needs and deadlines. Encounter a strong emphasis on different techniques, methods, styles and types of illustration that will further provide advancement towards future employment. Students will be introduced to past- and present-day illustrators to get a comprehensive sense of what role an illustrator plays when dealing in the solutions of design/illustration problems. Students will also acquire an understanding of style and techniques used by illustrators to solve these problems they may confront in the future as professionals. 3 credits.

Character Design + Development

Course No. ILL 265  Credits: 3.0

This course will concentrate on the character creation process, focusing on all aspects of character concept and development. Students will learn to understand character types, body language and production techniques. In the fast growing gaming and animation industry, the ability to create characters is essential. Graphic novels/ comics, children’s books and advertising also rely heavily on an illustrator's ability to create characters that meet client demands/ needs and make them part of a cohesive world. 3 credits.

Illustration for Publication

Course No. ILL 363  Credits: 3.0

This course will focus on applications of digital and tactile processes, materials, and techniques from concept development through final reproduction. 3 credits.

Illustration II

Course No. ILL 364  Credits: 3.0

This course will prepare illustration students to become working professionals within the marketing communications community. It will motivate the student’s visual awareness, teaching the student to conceptualize, design and execute on a professional level. Students learn to produce quality illustrations and to be responsible for the conceptual aspects of a project whenever necessary. This course encourages students to develop a confident knowledge of design in illustration, the thinking process, and production techniques necessary to compete in the field of applied arts. Prerequisite: ILL 263. 3 credits.

Graphic Novels + Sequential Art

Course No. ILL 367  Credits: 3.0

This course covers an in-depth exploration of sequential visual storytelling. Sequential storytelling has influenced popular culture throughout history and continues to thrive in traditional print and digital platforms. Illustration markets include comic strips, comic books, graphic novels, underground comics and Zines. Sequential storytelling is also the basis for storyboarding in the entertainment and advertising industries. New concepts and techniques will be threads throughout the class as students explore visual storytelling. Assignments will focus primarily on graphic novels but will also include exploration of the single panel cartoon, multiple panel comic strips, zines, and sequential illustrations. Assignment will also introduce students to basic storyboarding for the advertising and entertainment industries. Topics covered in this course include setting the scene, transitions, and understanding panel and page composition. 3 credits.

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