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Foundation Supplies

What supplies will I need?

As emerging artists and designers, the materials you work with are integral to your creative journey. This becomes especially vital as you embark on your college path, developing new skills and exploring diverse media.

You may be wondering what supplies you should plan to be bringing to campus with you. 

Included in your tuition is a Foundation Supply Fee that covers a curated kit of high-quality materials. Our faculty has carefully researched and selected these supplies, negotiating affordable pricing for you, and there is no markup in prices from art supply manufacturers. 

During orientation, you will receive your personal Foundation Supply Kit – cherish these tools as you would your artistic vision itself. Bring your kit to every class, ensuring you're fully equipped to engage with each lesson.

Beyond the Supply Kit, the Foundation Department will provide any additional specialty materials required to fulfill course projects and learning objectives. These materials will help fuel your creativity. We're excited to see what you create!