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Bachelor of Fine Arts Thesis

The Cleveland Institute of Art’s Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Thesis is required of each senior, and it's a moment that we consider your most important at the College. This experience is your professional launch, helping you to refine your artistic voice and career path before you graduate.

As a BFA candidate, you create a body of work, present it to the CIA community, and respond to their critique. You begin the process by choosing your faculty review committee who will guide you through concept development, proposals, and final work. During CIA’s BFA week, you will install your exhibition and present a defense of your work and statement to the CIA community and your committee.  

For more information:

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2022 BFA Exhibitions

Check out the work of the Class of 2022.

Bianca Fields ’19 reflects on CIA, SIE

March 05, 2024

Bianca Fields ’19 reflects on CIA, SIE