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Animation Courses

Concept Development 1

Course No. ANIM 201  Credits: 3.0

A core requirement to learn digital painting in motion, scene design, character development, technical direction, and related animation production pipeline standards for developing animated stories, shorts, films, and animated cinematography. This course examines the media production requirements for animation students in applied professional studios. This course serves to develop the animator’s core mechanics and vocabulary in the broad areas of animation integrated workflow (story conception, storyboarding, animatics, motion studies, character flow and design, scene, set, and props (look artists), technical direction, and summary of post-production flow) to meet industry expectations and professional output. 3 credits.

Intro to 2D Animation

Course No. ANIM 209  Credits: 3.0

This course is an introduction to 2D animation with a focus on gaining fundamental knowledge and the application of the 12 principles of animation. Students will discover the importance of applying timing, spacing, weigh, squash & stretch, pose to pose, anticipating, exaggeration and more to their drawings to create the illusion of life. 3 credits.

Drawing for Animation

Course No. ANIM 220  Credits: 3.0

Drawing for Animation is an essential course for anyone who is interested in visual storytelling. This course will teach students how to draw ideas, actions, and gestures that effectively communicate a story. Students will draw from live models in costumes, animals in motion, and create characters that capture storytelling poses. An emphasis will be placed on exaggeration, silhouetting, line of action, balance, and gesture: all of which are needed to communicate a character’s attitude and story. This course is highly recommended for animators and illustrators. 3 credits.

Acting + Directing

Course No. ANIM 231  Credits: 3.0

Acting & Directing is an intense production course designed for aspiring art directors, screenwriters, and actors who wish to pursue a career in film and/or animation. The course requires both performance and cinematic practice. Directors will create and produce short scenes taking on the full responsibility of creating clear communication using the audio/visual language of cinema and focusing on the developing and execution of performance on screen. Beyond just holding the responsibility of successful execution of a project, directors will also switch roles with the actor, working from the other side of the lens to better understand the acting process and what kind of specific direction an actor needs to perform according to another director’s vision. 3 credits.

Experimental Animation

Course No. ANIM 240  Credits: 3.0

This course will introduce students to the history and experimental techniques used in the animation industry. Students will learn how to bring stories to life through stop-motion, charcoal drawings and mixed-media animation. Students will learn how to build sets, rig puppets, and use technology such as the green screen/lighting studio and cameras. This course serves as a great introduction to non-traditional animation for students who are interested in bringing physical materials to life. 3 credits.

Specialized Animation Production

Course No. ANIM 300  Credits: 3.0

This course provides students with the ability to focus on a specific area of the animation production pipeline to research, produce a body of work and learn advanced techniques through individualized assignments. 3 credits.

Intro 3D Animation: Character

Course No. ANIM 307A  Credits: 3.0

This is an introductory course in 3D animation as an art form, with an intensive focus on of the use and development characters in animation. Successful animation breathes life into motion with clear communication of thought, emotion, narrative or experience. Any moving object is a "character" in film or animation. We will hold regular discussions and workshops on how the dialogue of an otherwise stagnant object changes and evolves when put to motion. Methods of instruction will consist of lectures, demonstrations, artist research, studio assignments, in-class lab time, and group critiques. 3 credits.

Body Mechanics for Animation

Course No. ANIM 308  Credits: 3.0

Students will animate scenes from planning to polish through their choice of 2D or 3D animation. In this course, we will learn how to set up character rigs for animation, body mechanics, facial animation, acting and motion studies. Students will be required to compete in monthly animation competitions and produce polished animated scenes in the medium of their choice for their reel. Pre-requisites: ANIM 209. 3 credits.

Student Growth: Daniel Johnson

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