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Employee Handbook

Welcome to the Cleveland Institute of Art!

Our community of artists, designers, and creative problem-solvers are proud to welcome you to the Cleveland Institute of Art. We are grateful you have joined our community of accomplished artists and designers, educators and support staff. As you get to know the College from the inside out, I believe you will see that your colleagues share a dedication to helping our students develop the discipline and drive to make an impact on the way we all see the world around us. 

We are here to create a welcoming and productive environment—
a sound institutional foundation—in which our students may develop their vision and the skills to express themselves with energy and honesty. We aim to enhance the diversity of people who learn, teach, and work here so that we reflect the changing social complexion of our nation and prepare to attract the students of the future. 

The following employee handbook is provided to assist you in navigating CIA’s human resource policies and benefits programs. It is to be used as a guideline and reference throughout your time here to ensure a successful and enjoyable career at CIA.

We look forward to working with you, 

Kathryn Heidemann
President + CEO